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Plants need carbon dioxide in order to grow. It is one of the most basic nutrients for plants. We have all heard about the photosynthesis process. This is also applicable in the case of aquatic plants. Plants need photosynthesis to survive. And for the photosynthesis, co2 is a must element. That’s why, when c02 is added, aquatic plants flourish. Adding c02 is a must for high tech planted tank. It is also advisable to use it in low tech tanks too.

It is extremely important to add co2 for a successful Aquascaping. An Aquascaper decides which plants to use in his Aquascape, but co2 is the thing that flourishes them. A depletion level in the co2 may cause various kinds of problem in a planted tank. Here are some indications that refer to a low level of co2:
=>Stunted growth of aquatic plants
=>The leaves becoming pale
=>Some plants may even die
=>Algae bloom may occur

You can add CO2 in your tank generally by 2 ways. One of them is DIY and the other is pressurized CO2 system. You can also dose liquid carbon to your tank.


Pressurized co2 system for aquarium:

Components of a pressurized co2 system are:

Co2 cylinder:

It is the container that contains co2 in liquid form in a very high-pressure atmosphere.

Pressure regulator:

This regulator is a must have component. It allows you to control the output level of co2 at the desired pressure. It comes with indicators.

Needle valve:

It controls the flow of co2 more accurately.

Bubble counter:

It counts the bubble of your co2 output.


The job of a diffuser is to break down the co2 bubbles into tiny parts. This helps the plant to absorb the co2 easily. There are many types of diffusers such as-
1.Glass diffuser
2.External diffuser

DIY CO2 System:

A DIY co2 system uses yeast and sugar solution to produce carbon dioxide. When you make a solution yeast and sugar with water, fermentation takes place and produce CO2 as a byproduct. This process is cheap and costs next to nothing. But it is not as effective as the pressurized carbon dioxide system.


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