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Flourite black sand review
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Flourite Black Sand is the premium substrate for planted tank which provides essential macro and micro nutrients to the plant’s root system. The stable porous clay gravel is perfect for natural aquarium. It is specially designed for planted tank. Flourish Black Sand doesn’t need any replacement in the future and remains effective for a long time. It is not chemically coated, so it won’t affect the water parameters of the aquarium.

 Features of Flourite Black Sand:

=>Fractable Stable Porous Clay of Flourite Black Sand is perfect for nature aquariums.
=>Though it is specially manufactured for a planted tank, it can be used in any other aquarium 
environments too.
=>It is most effective when used alone. But, you can also use it with other substrates.
=>You don’t need any gravel modifiers.
=>As it is not chemically coated, Flourite black sand will not harm your fish and alter the water parameters of the aquarium.


Cons of Flourite Black Sand:

=>Flourite black sand needs a good wash before using otherwise it will cloud your aquarium for a few days.


Directions for using Flourite Black Sand:

Although the product is pre-washed, it is recommended to wash again before use for removing residual dust. Cloudy water can be avoided by filling the aquarium slowly and dispersing the water. So, the Flourite sand bed is not disturbed. There can be a slight cloudiness initially which will get clear within half a day.


So, If you are crazy about planted tank, you can definitely give Flourite Black Sand a try. It is one of the most popular substrates in today’s market. Not only it is effective for plants, it also enhances the beauty of a nature aquarium.

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